Stop Hiring Discrimination Against the Unemployed

From Maurice Emsellem, Policy Co-Director of the National Employment Law Project:

“Folks –

The campaign to outlaw hiring discrimination against the unemployed picked up steam in a big way this week, with significant new press coverage and a serious organizing push by USAction targeting and, two of the largest websites that continue to post employer ads that limit jobs opportunities to the “currently employed.”  Yes, you have to have a job to get a job, believe it not.

This practice by employers hits a nerve with the American public, as reflected in NELP’s national survey showing that 80% of the American public agree that the policy is “very unfair.”  And now there’s strong federal legislation, called the Fair Employment Opportunity Act of 2011 (H.R. 2501), that strictly outlaws the practice.  The bill, sponsored by Representatives Rosa DeLauro (CT) and Henry Johnson, Jr. (GA), was recently endorsed by the New York Times (see editorial below).  So there’s now a major opportunity for state and local groups to actively engage in efforts to support of H.R. 2501, educating their local press and working on their Senators and Congressman to join as co-sponsors.

Please take a minute to sign the USAction petition and spread the word about this timely issue, which puts into perspective the historic struggle of those families hardest hit by unemployment in today’s economy.”

Maurice Emsellem, Policy Co-Director

National Employment Law Project

[Links to further information follow the cut. For the petition, click here.]

New York Times Editorial (“One Way to Help the Jobless”):

New York Times Story:

NPR Story:

NELP Report, “Hiring Discrimination Against the Unemployed”: Posting:

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