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Guest Blog by Sam Rhodes: Deficit Boogeyman and Jobs

2008 Nobel Prize winner for economics Paul Krugman, who has authored 20 books and more than 200 papers on the subject, offered an enlightening viewpoint on another aspect of spoon-fed fear in The New York Times in February.

In a sudden hysteria that could be likened to swine flu on many levels, Washington now has a chorus of hand-wringing-fear-filled politicos belting out a song of despair. And it now appears this choir has warbling voices from all corners of political ideology.

This unlikely acapella emanates from a bizarre belief that there is no time like the present to lower budget deficits. While I am no Krugman (who is?) a simple checkbook balancing approach and a look into the past while analyzing the present could reel in these Nervous Nellies if they just take the time to stop and think.

Checkbook: If my wife Karen and I are out of a job and private sector jobs are stymied, where can we hope to find relief? As bad as the budget deficit choir hates to admit it; government. But if government stops creating jobs by cutting spending through deficit reductions, well, I think you get the picture: How Now Brown Cow? Read the rest of this entry