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Alaska Senate Bill 213 – Funding for School Meals

Nearly 7,000 low income children in Alaska can’t get a free or reduced price meal at school because their schools do not offer the breakfast program. Why not? The federal reimbursement for breakfast is simply too low to make it economically feasible for most schools.

Over the last three legislative sessions, Food Bank of Alaska, the Alaska Food Coalition, and the Alaska School Nutrition Association have partnered to request state support for school breakfast and lunch.  The Alaska State Legislature is currently considering legislation (SB 213) which provides state funding to supplement federal dollars received for school meals served to students who qualify for free or reduced price meals.  To view SB 213 follow the link to:

The bill was passed through the Senate Education Committee and has been referred to the Senate Finance Committee.  We need your help to keep SB 213 moving through the legislative process in Juneau. Read the rest of this entry