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Anchorage Park Report Cards

When: September 2008

Who: Parks Volunteers

What: Grade your neighborhood park with an Anchorage Park Report Card

Why: To assess park needs and involve the public in improving our Anchorage neighborhood parks

Download: Report Card [note: this is a large 10 MB PDF file] for your own evaluation of your neighborhood park. See Instructions, a Park Setting Guide, and evaluation pages for:

* Outer Park Edge & Entry
* Active Recreation Areas
* Passive Recreation Areas
* Playgrounds
* Pathways
* Green Space
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Vote for Me #2


Vote for me.  I can't vote.

Vote for me. I can't vote.

Vote for Me


Vote for me.  I can't vote.

Vote for me. I can't vote.

Kids Count

Image by *Zara via Flickr

Research Matters No. 38. Kids Count Alaska Data Book 2006-2007
August 25, 2008

Compared with kids around the country, Alaska’s kids are more likely to be born at a healthy weight, about as likely to live with single parents, and less likely to commit violent crimes. But kids in Alaska are more likely to be killed in accidents and less likely to graduate from high school—and fewer of those who do graduate go on to college.

These and many more measures of the well-being of children and teenagers in Alaska are reported in the new Kids Count Alaska 2006-2007 data book from ISER. These data books are funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which publishes its own national data book every year and also sponsors Kids Count programs in every state.

Printed copies of the new data book were paid for by Wells Fargo and are available from ISER; call Virgene Hanna, director of Kids Count Alaska, at 907-786-5431.