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A Few Words About the Employee Free Choice Act

WASHINGTON - JUNE 19:  U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) stands with participants during an AFL-CIO rally on Capitol Hill June 19, 2007 in Washington, DC. The rally was held in support of the Employee Free Choice Act.Image by Getty Images via DaylifeThursday, June 26 [was] the anniversary of the Senate filibuster that blocked the Employee Free Choice Act. …. This is a good day to explain why we’re proud to protect workers’ rights and support the Employee Free Choice Act.* More than half of all U.S. workers—nearly 60 million—say they would join a union right now if they could. Their best opportunity to get ahead is by uniting with co-workers to bargain with employers for better wages and benefits. Working people want that opportunity.

* The current system for forming unions and bargaining with employers is broken. Corporations routinely intimidate, harass, coerce and illegally fire people who try to organize unions. Workers are fired in a quarter of private sector union organizing campaigns; 78 percent of private employers require supervisors to deliver anti-union messages to their employees; and even after workers successfully form a union, they can’t get a contract one-third of the time. Read the rest of this entry

Mayor and Assembly Chair Urge Speedup of Land Use Review

Downtown Anchorage SkylineImage via WikipediaTitle 21 is the legislation that governs land use in the Municipality of Anchorage. If you are not quite sure what this is all about, there is excellent background information presented in language you can understand at the Anchorage Citizens Coalition web site. Title 21 has been under review for 6 years. After strong urging from Mayor Begich and Assembly Chair Matt Claman to speed up their review, the assembly’s Title 21 Committee began relying more on Planning and Zoning Commission decisions June 19, and less on committee members’ opinions. Several bullets were dodged, including: Read the rest of this entry

The ACLU and Public Policy

American Civil Liberties UnionImage via Wikipedia The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Alaska and the ACLU of Alaska Foundation are non-partisan organizations dedicated to advancing the cause of civil liberties in Alaska. The former fulfills its mission through legislative advocacy, coalition building, and grassroots advocacy. The latter pursues the same mission through public education and legal action.

The ACLU is currently involved in four lawsuits which could have significant public policy implications: Read the rest of this entry

Paid Sick Days Legislation: Time For Alaska Too?

California State AssemblyImage via Wikipedia

Paid Sick Days Approved by California Assembly

Last Thursday, the California Assembly approved a bill guaranteeing all workers in the state a minimum number of paid sick days each year, becoming the second legislative chamber in the country to do so following approval in the Connecticut Senate. Washington, D.C. and San Francisco have enacted paid sick days reform into law locally. Read the rest of this entry

Planning Land Use In Anchorage

This meeting agenda indicates the first substantive discussion in several years of how Title 21 changes the land use rules for neighborhoods and businesses. Please attend.

Title 21 Rewrite: Building a Better Community

Do you…think about adding a mother-in-law unit to your home or convert it to a duplex? Wonder how big a business sign can be? Own a lot and want to subdivide it? Want to know about the laws that regulate the use of your property? Are you interested in a more walkable community and protecting urban wildlife?

Come to the community meeting Thursday, June 5, 7:00 pm at The Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, 121 W. 7th Avenue and let’s talk about Title 21– the law governing land use within the Municipality of Anchorage. Title 21 guides implementation of the “Anchorage 2020” comprehensive plan—our vision for the future. The rewrite of Title 21 has been underway for the past six years. Read the rest of this entry