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Alaska Economy Not So Good in Recent Years

It is not light reading, but it is important and it has just been released: The 2007 Joint Economic Report of the Joint Economic Committee Congress of the United States on the 2007 Economic Report of the President Together With Minority Views. Before we launch into a summary of critical findings about Alaska, here is a bit more about the study as a whole:

The President says his policies are working to make the economy strong and that all Americans are benefiting, but the facts show an economic record that has left the vast majority of American families behind. During the last six years, the economy has performed in a lackluster fashion, without strong growth in output, investment, or employment. America’s working families have seen little or no improvement in their standard of living during this time. The recovery from the recession in 2001 has been very weak, and household income is still substantially below its pre-recession peak of the 1990s. Further, the number of households with employer-provided health insurance has declined. In short, the economic indicators that matter most to the typical family are moving in the wrong direction.

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Tax and Cash "Incentives" for Industry in Alaska

The state of Alaska has a wide range of mechanisms to give tax and cash “incentives” to industry.  These range from state loans and loan guarantees to revenue bond financing and a variety of tax incentives.  See a summary of Alaska’s giveaways to industry and compare them with all the other state incentive plans in a chart prepared by Site Selection Online.  Do these giveaways of public dollars and resources result in the expected outcomes, and are they worth it?  I sure would like to see the follow-up studies that would answer the questions.


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You Can Influence Anchorage Transportation Policy

Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions is updating their public participation plan, and you are invited to take part. Christine Bernardini, a planner for the Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions, or AMATS, announced that the Municipality of Anchorage, in cooperation with the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, is updating Anchorage on the Move, a plan describing how to seek public involvement when planning and prioritizing investments in area road and street improvements. The Municipality hired Brooks and Associates as lead consultant to assist with the update of the AMATS Public Participation Plan. Brooks & Associates will complete the project in association with USKH Inc., and Jacobs Carter Burgess. Read the rest of this entry