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Immigration Issues Locally and Nationally

In Anchorage at the November 27 Assembly meeting the assembly will vote on an ordinance introduced by Paul Bauer that would require all municipal employees to check everyone’s immigration status and report the information to the Department of Homeland Security. There was a public hearing November 14 in front of the Public Safety committee of the assembly and they voted unanaimously to oppose the ordinance. Attend November 27 and voice your opinion on this proposed policy. Meanwhile, the following is from one of my favorite state policy newsletters, the November 12 issue of Stateside DispatchRead the rest of this entry

The Tesche Report: Anchorage Assembly Politics Revealed

Just a quick note to call your attention to The Tesche Report if you are not already familiar with it. The subtitle is “Proceedings of the Anchorage Assembly and comments from local residents on municipal issues. The Report is edited by Assembly member Allan Tesche who represents the Downtown district.” To the best of my knowledge this is the most  comprehensive, regular analysis of the Assembly goings-ons that exists. Tesche is knowledgeable and insightful. I can’t say I always agree with him, but I usually do. Check out this blog. Your effort will be repeatedly rewarded.


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Progressive States Network

Have you visited the relatively new website, Progressive States Network? Here is how they describe their mission:

Progressive States Network aims to transform the political landscape by sparking progressive actions at the state level. Founded in 2005, the group provides coordinated research and strategic advocacy tools to state legislators and their staffs, empowering these decision-makers with everything they need to engineer forward-thinking change. Progressive States also works with non-profits and a variety of constituent groups to build a swath of support for coordinated progressive policy. The overarching goals: to get good policy passed into law and change the way issues are debated in the states.

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Update: Governor's Health Strategies Planning Council

The Governor’s Health Strategies Planning Council is about to have it’s first, and apparently only public comment period on December 3, 2007. The details are below. There is a prior meeting of the Council in November (noted below) that you can attend, but no comments are allowed from the public. However, the long-awaited online forum is up and running, and waiting for your advice to the Alaskans sitting around the Council table. Have at it! Health care is a terribly important issue and it affects all of us. Tell your story, and don’t be intimidated by jargon, details, and the seeming complexity of the issues. Just tell your story. They need to hear it. Read the rest of this entry

What the States Are Doing About Toxic Toys

California is a leader in this area, having enacted Proposition 65, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act as a ballot initiative in November1986. Groups like California’s Center for Environmental Health have used the law to win legal agreements to eliminate lead threats from diaper creams, children’s medicines, home water filters, vinyl lunch boxes, and baby bibs. To emphasize the importance of this state action, even if federal law was being enforced (which it isn’t), the federal CPSC legally allows 350 times more lead in products than are allowed under California law. Read the rest of this entry