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Empty Plates in the Great Land

Empty Plates in the Great Land is an important recent report authored by the Food Bank of Alaska. The Executive Summary follows. The public policy implications are self-evident.

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Hunger is a serious and growing problem in Alaska. In 2005, 12.2 percent of Alaskan households were hungry or on the edge of hunger, up from 8.7 percent in 1998. More than 83,000 Alaskans turned to the emergency food providers in Food bank of Alaska’s network for assistance in 2005. That same year, federally-funded nutrition programs—including the Food Stamp Program, school meal programs, out-of-school-time programs, and commodity programs—brought millions of dollars in food assistance to Alaska. However, all of these programs are underutilized in this state. While thousands of Alaskan children, families, and elders go hungry, Alaska is leaving millions more dollars in federal nutrition resources unclaimed. Read the rest of this entry

Alaska Tribal Conference on Environmental Management

The 13th Annual Alaska Tribal Conference on Environmental Management (ATCEM) will be held October 15-17, 2007 at the Anchorage Marriott Downtown. This year’s conference is focused on solid waste management issues within Alaska and is geared towards Tribal members working in the environmental arena. Last year over 375 participants attended the three day conference which included keynote speakers, breakout sessions, cultural performances and the annual Environmental Awards Luncheon.

The ATCEM Planning Committee is currently accepting breakout session proposals. The session form and other ATCEM details can be found at: Click on the ATCEM link.  Please note that the deadline of August 31 for session proposals is coming up fast.

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Clarification Regarding Today's News

Today’s Anchorage Daily News erroneously reported that Kevin Morford is currently President of Alaska Center for Public Policy.  The fact is that Mr. Morford resigned from the
Board May 10 2007, and the Vice President at that time, Mia Oxley, took over the
leadership position of ACPP.  On July 18, at our most recent Board meeting, Ms. Oxley was elected President of the

Lawrence D. Weiss
Executive Director

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Bioneers in Alaska: Public Policies and Personal Lifestyles

The fourth annual “Bioneers in Alaska” conference will be held in Anchorage from October 19-21, 2007. The International Bioneers Conference in California has been held annually since 1990, and it is a “unique cross-cultural and global gathering of visionary innovators who are working with nature to heal nature.” Bioneers draw inspiration from nature in order to find ways to sustain and rebuild the people and the ecology of the planet. The conference operates under the principles of diversity, kinship, community, cooperation, and reciprocity.In addition to offering workshops on timely issues such as local economies and small businesses; green building; children, health, and society; and restoring ecosystems, Bioneers will partner with communities from around North America to offer twenty plenary sessions that will beam out to the various events across the continent. These “Beaming Bioneers” sessions complement the local events, with workshops being tailored to complement specific bioregions. Read the rest of this entry