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Progressive State Policy Models for Legislators

A new reference book is now available from the Center for Policy Alternatives for progressive legislators and advocates in the states. Progressive Policy Models for the States 2006 is a compilation of 123 model bills on 100 different topics. Some are updates of older progressive policy models advocated by the Center for Policy Alternatives—like Family Leave Benefits, Hate Crimes, School Testing, Bottle Bill, Medical Marijuana, and Individual Development Accounts. Others have never been released before—like International Trade Agreements, Offshoring State Jobs, Dating Violence Prevention, Mental Health Parity, Fair Prescription Drug Benefits Management, and I-SaveRx Drug Importation. Read the rest of this entry

Bush Health Initiative Fails the Children

In his annual State of the Union address last week, President George Bush outlined his 2007 priorities which focused largely on next steps in the Iraq war, expansion of renewable energy sources and a new tax-based proposal aimed to address the availability of health coverage for all Americans.

The President outlined a private-sector health care approach which seeks to reduce the number of uninsured through changes in federal tax policy. His proposal extends tax deductions to anyone who purchases their own coverage in the private market, financed through a tax on “gold-plated” employer-sponsored plans worth more than $15,000 for family coverage and $7,500 for individual coverage. In addition, through Medicaid waivers, the President proposed an increase in federal assistance to states that make private-sector health care plans available to low-income or chronically ill individuals. Read the rest of this entry

NEW! Alaska/USA Custom Public Policy Search Engine

At the top of the left hand side of the ACPP home page is our brand new custom built public policy search engine. Here is how it is different than using the standard Google search or some other general search engine… We have selected about 100 websites that we use on a regular basis to do public policy searches, or searches for data to inform us about policy decisions. Some of these sites are specifically Alaskan sites, and most are national. However, often the national sites also have Alaska-specific information. Read the rest of this entry

Property Tax Reform

Governor Corzine Highlights Property Tax Reform in New Jersey

In his state of the state address, New Jersey Governor Corzine outlined a proposed property tax reform package and emphasized property tax breaks that are fairly progressive in terms of who benefits. The proposed package would reduce property taxes by 20% for those with incomes less than $100,000. Those with incomes of $100,000 to $150,000 would see 15% reductions, and those with incomes of $150,000 to $250,000 would see a reduction of 10%. In addition to the tax cuts, the proposal would also cap the amount property taxes can be increased per year at 4%.  (Courtesy of Citizens for Tax Justice)

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Barriers to American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native American Access to HHS Programs

Just released…
Information on barriers to access to HHS discretionary grant programs and suggestions for strategies to reduce barriers were obtained from HHS staff and AI/AN/NA representatives and focused on several key areas of grant processes: Read the rest of this entry