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The Bush Tax Cuts: Are Alaskans Better Off?

Our colleagues at Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ) have recently issued another of their Alaska-specific analyses of the consequences of this administration’s tax cuts on Alaskan families…

Over the past six years, President George W. Bush and his allies in Congress have enacted multiple rounds of major tax cuts, including special tax breaks for capital gains and dividends, reductions in personal income tax rates, estate tax cuts and an array of corporate tax loopholes. This issue brief summarizes the effects of the Bush tax cuts on Alaskans at different income levels.

There are two key findings: First of all, the tax breaks enacted since 2001 are heavily skewed towards the very wealthiest few. Second, because the tax cuts are being paid for with borrowed money, the cost of paying the added national debt more than wipes out any benefits from the tax cuts for 99 percent of Alaskans. Only the best-off one percent of Alaskans are net winners. Read the rest of this entry

Bribes Are OK in Alaska

“There is nothing in current criminal law that prohibits a legislator from changing a vote in exchange for a campaign contribution.” That is the official legal opinion of Dan Wayne, Legislative Counsel for the Division of Legal and Research Services of the State of Alaska Legislative Affairs Agency. Consequently, incredible as it may seem, that is the current law of the land in Alaska. Read the entire legal opinion for yourself. It is interesting if not depressing and slightly bizarre–not to mention extremely bad public policy.

Forum on Two Important Ballot Initiatives

Alaska Common Ground
Presents a Public Forum
What You Should Know About the Two
November Ballot Initiatives

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
Wilda Marston Theater at the Loussac Library
3600 Denali St, Anchorage

Ballot Measure 1:

This initiative would reduce the maximum length of a regular
legislative session from 121 days to 90 days.
Speakers: Rep. Jay Ramras, sponsor of 90-Day Session Initiative
Joe Josephson, former legislator

Ballot Measure 2:

This initiative would levy a new state tax on certain oil and gas leases
overlying large deposits of natural gas. When a major gas pipeline
system is built and gas is transported, the resource tax will be repealed.
Speakers: Rep. Eric Croft, sponsor of Reserves Tax Initiative
Roger Marks, Petroleum Economist, State of Alaska ,
Gregg Erickson, Economic Consultant
Prof. Scott Goldsmith, University of Alaska

Hear pro and con presentations and join in the discussion.

Contact us: Cliff Groh, 952-3353,
Peg Tileston, 56 1-0540, pe@alashnet

Public Forum on Health and Social Services Policy and Issues in Anchorage

Tony Knowles, Sarah Palin, Andrew Halcro and their running mates have been invited by the Anchorage Alliance for Health and Social Services to participate in a public forum on Monday evening, Oct. 16 at 7:30 p.m. in the gymnasium of The Arc of Anchorage. The purpose of the forum is to give the candidates an opportunity to state their views regarding the issues facing individuals who receive services from the various Anchorage providers of health and social services. Each candidate will be given an opportunity to state their views and then will be asked to respond to questions posed by the Alliance. There will be an opportunity to meet with and talk to the candidates following the forum. Read the rest of this entry

Bioneers and Public Policy: Come See For Yourself…

3rd Annual ConferenceBioneers
in Alaska: Creating Sustainable Communities

of Alaska Anchorage
October 19 – 22, 2006

Register now at

promotes practical environmental solutions and innovative social strategies for
restoring the Earth and communities.
Come connect with other Alaskans doing
amazing things!

* FREE * Thursday Opening Night featuring: Read the rest of this entry