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Hot Dog Stands and Health Care

In case you missed this in a recent issue of the Anchorage Daily News…

Representative Bob Lynn published a Compass article in the Anchorage Daily News on April 7, 2006, in which he explained why he is sponsoring legislation to destroy Alaska’s certificate of need program. This program gives the state of Alaska the opportunity to regulate, review, and seek public comment on the construction of expensive new medical facilities. Representative Lynn opposes the certificate of need program because, in his words, “if someone wants to open a hot dog stand, shoe store or a health-care facility, it’s none of the government’s business.” Read the rest of this entry

The Gas

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The gas pipeline negotiations are complex. The complexity and confusion are heightened by the fact that Governor Murkowski won’t show the gas pipeline contract to the Legislature. Here are some of the highlights of the gas pipeline considerations. Read the rest of this entry

How much is $1 Billion?

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The Alaska State Legislature recently put out an RFP requesting a review of the State Medicaid program. Like every state in the nation, Alaska is facing a Medicaid budget crisis. Last year, the state’s share of the Medicaid budget was $380 million. Total, the state and federal total budget for Alaska’s Medicaid program was approximately
$1 Billion.
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The Oil

The following is a very brief overview of the oil production tax currently under scrutiny in the State Legislature. The debate is complex, and this blog highlights only a few points.

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The Oil

Oil was discovered in the 1960s on the North Slope. In the 1970s, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) was built, enabling producers to harvest the oil and bring it to market. The pipeline runs from the Slope to Valdez, where it is shipped to the Lower 48 and foreign markets. Read the rest of this entry

Oil and Gas 101

The ACPP Blog has had several good posts on the oil and gas issues. These are complex issues that have incredible implications for the future of Alaska – in virtually every aspect of life.

However, when you ask the public about oil and gas, you are likely to get an answer about whether or not we should be drilling in ANWR. While this is also a worthy debate, it demonstrates that the general public does not seem to have a basic understanding of what is happening in the Legislature with regards to oil and gas production.
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