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30 New MOA Employees Needed To Administer Sales Tax

Here is a rather amazing quote from the March 26 issue of Alaska Journal of Commerce. The quote is from Jeff Sinz, Anchorage’s Chief Financial Officer, regarding Proposition 13, the proposed sales tax: Read the rest of this entry

Even Less Housing Security

Senate Bill 307 was introduced as a quick and painless bill, designed to simplify the process for landlords to collect late fees from tenants. But the effects of this bill will not be as quick and painless for low and moderate income renters.

For low and moderate income renters, SB 307 could mean the difference between housing and homelessness. As noted before in this blog , and demonstrated by an article in the Anchorage Daily News, housing costs are rising, and our ability to keep up is slipping away. SB 307 pulls housing security a little bit further out of reach. Read the rest of this entry

Now Available: Sales Tax Calculator

Assembly Member Allan Tesche and his colleague Dick Tremaine have devised a sales tax calculator tool so you can plug in your personal information to find out how a sales tax would impact your family. The tax calculator is built on an Excel spread sheet, so you will need to have a recent copy of Excel software to run the calculator. It is a good tool to measure the personal impact of a specific public policy. Contact Allan Tesche to order your free copy of the sales tax calculator. See the collection of ACPP tax policy blog postings for additional information on this topic.



Don’t miss this lecture – happening in 4 places in Alaska!


Noted Princeton professor emeritus Kenneth Deffeyes, author of “Hubbert’s Peak – The Impending World Oil Shortage” and “Beyond Oil – The View from Hubbert’s Peak” will speak in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Wasilla and Juneau in March. Deffeyes is a world-renowned geologist and one of the first to author books dealing with “peak oil” – the important discussion dealing with the ramifications of continual declines in world oil production. He is one of the leading experts in petroleum reserve information and describing what this peak of oil production could mean for the world.

This lecture series is sponsored by the UAF People’s Endowment, Alaska Building Science Network, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, UAF Cooperative Extension Service, Arctic Technical Services, Rural Energy Enterprises, Agate Inn and Alaska Center for Appropriate Technology. Dr. Deffeyes will be speaking in the following locations:

Fairbanks – Tuesday, March 21, 7-9 pm, Salisbury Theater, UAF (for details –;

Anchorage – Wednesday, March 22, 7-9 pm at the East Anchorage High School Auditorium, (for details –;

Wasilla – Thursday, March 23, 7-9 pm, at the Agate Inn conference room near Wasilla (for directions go to;

Juneau – Friday March 24, 7-9 pm, Egan Library, UAS (email for details).

The Wasilla event will include a booksigning, thanks to Fireside Books in Palmer

Mark Your Calendar: March 28, 7-8:30 pm

Retirement Security or Welfare?
The Destruction of the Public Employees and Teachers Retirement Systems

Anchorage, AK March 28, 2006 — The Alaska Center for Public Policy (ACPP), in association with AARP, the Retired Public Employees of Alaska (RPEA), and the National Education Association – Alaska (NEA- Alaska)will host an interactive public forum on the consequences of the recent destruction of the public employees and teachers retirement systems (PERS/TRS). The event will be held on Tuesday, March 28, 2006, 7:00-8:30pm at the Wilda Marston Theatre in the Loussac Library.

Experts and affected public employees will speak about the effects and consequences of the recent changes in the retirement systems. Following the presentations, there will be an open question and answer period. Refreshments will follow.

The Problem

As of July 1, 2006, newly hired State employees will not have a State Pension or Social Security, making Alaskan public employees the most vulnerable in the United States. Public employees will have a defined contribution plan (like a glorified savings account) – there will be no guaranteed benefits at retirement. How was this policy passed through the Legislature? What will this mean for retirees and their families? Will you be able to retire? To be a part of the discussion, come to the Wilda Marston Theatre at the Loussac Library on March 28th at 7:00PM.