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Medicaid Funding: Robin Hood in Reverse

I like the Coalition on Human Needs. “The Coalition on Human Needs is an alliance of national organizations working together to promote public policies that address the needs of low-income and other vulnerable people.” The Coalition represents passionate, staunch defenders of good public policy. CHN provides a wealth of important public policy commentary and information in a timely manner, and the organization typically combines the call to action with the facts, news, or analysis. Here is part of an important, recent Email Alert released by CHN: Read the rest of this entry

Medicaid in Alaska: The Basics

One of every two children born in Alaska is born with the assistance of Medicaid. Nearly one of every four Alaskans is served by Medicaid. Medicaid is the largest health insurance program in Alaska–it is far bigger than Blue Cross/Blue Shield or any other health insurance program in the State, yet the importance and magnitude of Medicaid in Alaska goes largely unrecognized. Moreover, Medicaid represents a major expenditure in state and federal budgets in Alaska and throughout the United States. It is currently under attack by budget cutters who have no qualms slashing Medicaid and at the same time vastly increasing tax cuts to the wealthy–but more on this later. Read the rest of this entry

Alaska Native Public Policy Resources

Once again the folks at Alaska 20/20 have compiled a great resource. The home page, which is also the main contents of their monthly newsletter, has a featured resources review article entitled “Alaska Native Heritage Month.” This review provides links to a number of Alaska Native cultural organizations, and public policy organizations such as the First Alaskans Institute, and the Alaska Native Health Board. Finally, make sure you see the March issue of the Alaska 20/20 newsletter, which has an excellent review article with lots of links to resources concerning rural Alaskan Native villages.

Letter From AARP to Don Young

This letter addresses an important public policy issue that affects Alaskans. The letter was written by Pat Luby, Advocacy Director for AARP Alaska. It is a good letter, and is an important read if you have not seen it before. Pat has the highly valued ability of making difficult public policy issues easy to understand in a pleasantly conversational way… Read the rest of this entry

"Assembly Conservatives Maul Transportation Plan"

So reads the subtitle of a section of Anchorage Assembly member Allan Tesche’s October 25, 2005 entry on his blog, “The Tesche Report.” In recent months I have found Tesche’s comments about Assembly happenings and decisions to be critical, accurate, compassionate, and reflective of good public policy. In this case, however, Tesche was also clearly angry. His opening salvo reads: Read the rest of this entry