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A Stunning Memo…

The following is reprinted by permission from the most recent copy of Senator Kim Elton’s newsletter, Off the Record. You can review past issues of Senator Elton’s excellent newsletter on his webpage, and sign up to recieve future issues on the same page. The public policy issues raised here in his most recent issues of the newsletter have the potential of an enormous impact on the relationship of Alaskan families to their publicly owned resources. –ldw

(This special edition of my newsletter excerpts portions of a stunning memo that partially pulls the wraps off the governor’s secret negotiations to build a pipeline that carries our North Slope natural gas to consumers in the Lower 48. Read the rest of this entry

Pesticides From Above…

Important information from the folks at Alaska Community Action on Toxics

Klukwan, Inc. has again filed for a permit to aerially spray pesticides on 2000 acres of Long Island in Southeast Alaska, against the opposition from the Haida people of Hydaburg and other Southeast tribes, fisher groups, and conservationists.

What’s wrong here: Read the rest of this entry

Transportation Policy in Alaska

Alaska 20/20 currently (month of October 2005) has an excellent collection of links regarding transportation policy in Alaska, including a concise description of them, on the home page. After this month, the same information can be found at the link on the home page, extreme lower left corner. My advice: get on the Alaska 20/20 Newsletter mailing list for a monthly assortment of information in all areas of Alaska public policy. Just click on the “Subscribe” button on the right side of the home page.


Alaska: #1 in Domestic Violence

Alaska is #1!

Only not in that good way that we all like to think of it.

“Alaska is number one nationally in per capita domestic violence murder of women……again,” states Judy Cordell, Executive Director of AWAIC, the domestic violence shelter here in Anchorage.

This statement came after reading When Men Murder Women (36 page PDF file), an analysis of national male on female homicide statistics in single victim/single offender situations. An updated publication is released each year from the Violence Policy Center. The report for 2003 came out last month.

Cordell was not surprised at the findings, because this is not the first time Alaska has ranked so high. Read the rest of this entry

Alaska's Children

This from Steve Horn, Executive Director, at the Alaska Behavioral Health Association

Does Alaska do right by kids?

  • 36th – Alaska’s rank among states with the best overall health and poverty statistics for children.
  • 6 – The number of places Alaska has slipped in national ranking since 2000.
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