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TV Scare Tactics

The American Dental Association (ADA) really, really does not like Alaska’s Dental Health Aide Therapist program. The Association is sponsoring some very disturbing, negative, scare-tactic television ads to generate political pressure against this program–part of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act–which is currently up for reauthorization. The following is a press release from the ADA:

WASHINGTON, July 15 /U.S. Newswire/ — American Dental Association (ADA) President-elect Robert Brandjord, DDS, yesterday urged a Senate committee to reject a plan that would allow therapists with as little as 18 months of training to perform surgical procedures on American Indians and Alaska Natives, as proposed in the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (S. 1057).

“This is second-class care,” he said. “It is unsafe, unfair and unneeded. It is an admission that those who been entrusted to provide care have essentially given up.” Read the rest of this entry

Big Pharma Threatens Medicaid

Medicaid is Alaska’ largest health insurer, so anything that affects Medicaid is going to to affect tens of thousands of Alaskans. According to FamiliesUSA (“The Voice for Health Care Consumers”),

The 2006 federal budget includes $10 billion in spending reductions in Medicaid. Finding reductions of that level—and not cutting critical services for the millions of Americans who rely on the program—will be challenging. There is, however, one area where most agree some savings can be found without reducing services essential to those with Medicaid. That is the area of prescription drug spending. There is widespread agreement that Medicaid pays too much for prescriptions drugs.

See a copy of Medicaid Savings Ideas: Prescription Drugs, for clear, practical, and effective ways to save a lot of money in Medicaid without hurting those who rely on it.

Warning! Your TERS and PERS May be Next!


Thursday, July 14, 2005
Noon to 4PM
Anchorage LIO (716 W. 4th)

Review of Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and Teacher Retirement System (TRS). This hearing will be on teleconference: contact your LIO to be sure that your site will be on.

1-800-968-6744 269-0117 269-0240 235-2921 1-800-686-3824 269-0123 1-800-898-4451

Privatizing Social Security Could Impoverish Thousands of Alaskans

One of the issues that Campaign for America’s Future focuses on is Social Security. They have a very extensive and useful website with loads of helpful resources. See Protecting Social Security, and while you are at their site, take a look at the other resources they have on issues such as education and Medicare. Recently researchers at Campaign for America’s Future released a study regarding the consequences for Alaska and Alaskans if President Bush and his supporters successfully privatize Social Security. Some of their finding include: Read the rest of this entry

Health-Related Public Policy in Alaska

The July Alaska 20/20 home page features an excellent, brief narrative on health care and related public policy in Alaska. The narrative is loaded with useful links specific to healthcare in Alaska. In addition, Alaska 20/20 now has a public policy calendar—a highly useful tool for keeping tabs on the world of policy doings in our state. While you are there, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter.