Policy Implications of Renewable Energy?

Alaska Renewable Energy Fair
Saturday August 13th, Noon to 10 PM
Anchorage Park Strip

Alaska possesses vast wind, geothermal, biomass, hydro, tidal
and solar energy resources. Despite looming natural gas shortages
and rising energy prices virtually none of these resources have
yet been tapped. Come learn about the numerous opportunities
that Alaska has to utilize its clean, affordable, and inexhaustible
energy resources.

The Fair will feature local leaders, expert speakers, workshops,
films, informational booths, solar and wind energy demonstrations,
food and craft booths, live music, and more.
For more information contact Renewable Energy Alaska Project
Director Chris Rose at 745-6000 and crose@alaska.net or
Hannah Manser at 317-2050 and hannah_manser@hotmail.com

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  1. How can one profit from renewable resources if one cannot forcibly separate the supply from the demand. the conflict comes from those who want it and can’t get it and those that have it but don’t want to give it. This conflict creates amassment of capital and is essential to our economic system. Anyone can use wind, solar, water energy. Its the devices that make such energy useful and those who develop them are dealing in simple movable commodities. The profit there is minimal. So there is no reason for profiteers to choose alternative fuels. They will always choose non-renewable resources because that is controllable and leads to conflict, which enriches the controller of the fuel.

    Perhaps they should not be given a choice. But that would mean taking back our publicly funded roads, airports, trains, and some field trips to where they make our cars around the world.

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